As I sit here looking at a large empty plinth, I feel the loss of a joyful presence that the resident of that plinth brought to our gallery. Playmates (two seals) has started their long journey to a new home in Australia.Playmates has graced our gallery with their presence for a while now. They brought a lot of joy and great memories especially seeing my granddaughter pet them every time she visited.The wonderful part of selling from your studio is that sense of connection that grows quickly between myself and the collector of the piece. Now I look at that empty plinth and see the thoughtful faces, recall hands gently sliding over the piece as they are getting to know it. Big smiles and happiness. All kinds of comments, some playful some more serious. One of my favourite “when I buy art I feel like a grownup “. All this leaves me feeling blessed to be an artist. It is such an honour for me to have something that I have created be given a place in an other persons life.