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From the Chaos – Solo Show at Free Spirit Gallery

The show opens Tuesday November 21st and is on till December 9th.

I would be honoured if you joined me at the opening night November 24th from 6 – 8. There is a Q and A session Sunday, November 26 from 2 – 3.

Studio Tour 2023

We joined the Thanksgiving Studio Tour nine years ago and every year I have been overwhelmed by the support of our hundreds of amazing visitors. You have trusted me with your deepest stories, opened your heart and connected with me through a piece or multiple pieces of art. We have shared laughter, tears and inspiration. After three very intense days the studio gallery becomes quiet as it fills with an awesome serene humbling silence where the stories, laughter and presence of all still linger.

Thank you so much to those that give my work a place in their lives. Every time a piece finds a new home I am deeply touched and honoured. It is your support that makes my art (as it is ) possible. To our guests, wow, you feed my soul, amaze me and make the Thanksgiving Studio Tour an extraordinarily entertaining three days. My only regret is not having enough time to talk with everyone. Please accept my apology. I remind you all if you would like to have a quieter studio visit we are only a phone call, text or message away. My heartfelt gratitude and best wishes to you all.

Squared Show 2023

OK everyone, it’s almost time for one of the most enjoyable evenings of the year. That’s right woo hoo The 2023 Squared Show at the Gabriola Arts and Heritage Centre.

Opening  this Friday January 6th at 7:00 pm and runs until Sunday, January 8th. Online sales start at 8:00 pm Friday.

My pieces Endure and Contorta Bay are inspired by two views within 100 meters of Contorta Bay. We are so blessed to live here.

Please do check out the show. I bet you’ll be happy you did. I know I always am.

Thanks to Karen for taking the pictures of Le and I.

Truth in Chaos

I returned from India with the world falling to chaos right behind me. My plans of exhibitions and presentations of my time with the Global Art Festival were soon overshadowed by the pandemic and all that ensued.

For me chaos is fascinating. On one hand it’s unlimited building blocks. It’s also a place where what we observe with out judgment reveals its true nature more easily. 

My personal quest as an artist is typically not to organize or project onto, but to navigate chaos. To hopefully find those simple yet often profound truths and bring some of them into my work.

Truth and Chaos

A solo exhibition by Stephen Cole 

Cultivate Sculpture Garden

Next stop 4.2 light years  – originally designed for the Global Art Festival in India. Unfortunately it was unable to be created at the festival due to a mixup with materials.

So when asked if I would like to have a piece at the Cultivate Festival this summer on Gabriola, a modified version came to be. The main difference being originally the tree or support structure was to be made from hand casts of up to fifty artists plus the awesome supporting personal of the Festival.

“Next stop 4.2 Lightyears “ can be looked at various ways, among them 

1- planets don’t grow on trees, don’t take this one for granted. 

2- we don’t own the earth, we live here for a moment as a part of her

3- earth is our only known life support and all we have to do is live respectfully and not support others greed and seeking power

 4 – Proxima Centauri B is the closest planet suspected of being possibly earth like. It is 4.24 light years or 401134497203743 km. from earth. 

5 – Finding your voice as you think about the earth and personal responsibility, human rights and our place in the universe

Studio Tour 2021

Alright the dust has settled, studio has a new and welcome mess as commissions get under way.
The gallery is all sanitized and ready to accept some new work.
I need to recognize and enormously thank Alisha! I get to talk with, listen to, explain or just play with our guests, stress free. Why, because she has me covered. Everyone is greeted, directed to what they need questions answered. The list goes on. Alisha has a nack for being in the right spot, at the right time, with what is needed. I really don’t know how to show my level of appreciation to her.
Then there is the everything else person. (Steve I need words for…) (steve I need weights for …dimensions for…)submissions to shows -materials , tools ,research and orders. Displays, photography anything IT. I’ll stop here the list is too long, Noella is my partner and the reason my work finds it’s way to you and around the world. This is another place thank you doesn’t cover my appreciation.
So what would a studio tour be without art lovers? I want to thank all of you that cruised Gabriola in support of art. I know it was no small adventure this year as we try to safely navigate around each other in the midst of a pandemic.
To those of you who found your way to our door, again I am overwhelmed with your openness, honesty and support. You lift me up and encourage me to go beyond. You my friends are a blessing. Remember you are welcome to come by year round, with a quick call . Whether it’s to talk, see what’s new or just sit quietly in the gallery surrounded by art. Thank you all so very much. Steve

Bella Exhibition at Federation Gallery

My sculpture Eclipse was accepted as part of the Bella show and is currently at the Federation Gallery in Vancouver. It opened on the 17th and is on till the 29th and its about the celebration of beauty and the beauty of all things. We can certainly use some beauty right now. If you can’t get to the gallery, there is an online version of the show.