Next stop 4.2 light years  – originally designed for the Global Art Festival in India. Unfortunately it was unable to be created at the festival due to a mixup with materials.

So when asked if I would like to have a piece at the Cultivate Festival this summer on Gabriola, a modified version came to be. The main difference being originally the tree or support structure was to be made from hand casts of up to fifty artists plus the awesome supporting personal of the Festival.

“Next stop 4.2 Lightyears “ can be looked at various ways, among them 

1- planets don’t grow on trees, don’t take this one for granted. 

2- we don’t own the earth, we live here for a moment as a part of her

3- earth is our only known life support and all we have to do is live respectfully and not support others greed and seeking power

 4 – Proxima Centauri B is the closest planet suspected of being possibly earth like. It is 4.24 light years or 401134497203743 km. from earth. 

5 – Finding your voice as you think about the earth and personal responsibility, human rights and our place in the universe