Travelling to India has always been a dream of mine and I couldn’t be happier to have been accepted as one of 50 artists from 19 countries to the Global Art Festival in Gujarat. There were a few sleepless nights waiting for the news and then the email came in. Wow – I’M GOING TO INDIA!!!

There will be festivities, art initiatives, collaborative creations and the artworks created will be displayed in an open-Air Gallery at the White Desert in Kutch. 

I need to thank my friends, followers and collectors for this honour. If it wasn’t for your support and amazing words I most likely would not have applied. I will do my best to share the gifts that I have gained from living in this wonderful country with people like you.

You can follow the festival on their Facebook page @GlobalArtFestival or you can come. I’m leaving Christmas Day. I will do my best to keep you posted.