Hello everybody I hope this new year has been good to you and is bringing us closer to a world compassion, acceptance, peace and caring for each other. For those of you who may be wondering if I took a trip in a land of no internet connection, I didn’t. After a wonderfully successful Thanksgiving studio tour, renovating our kitchen was next on my to do list. I chose not to buy factory cabinets, so I built my own using birch for the carcasses, and maple for the doors. If you’re wondering which is quicker “Build or buy” go with buy. Mixed in with the kitchen, was a few birthdays, a few casts, the worst storm in years which brought down trees, snapped power poles and took boats off there moorings. We personally were very lucky. Christmas, then New Year’s and a few other things that bring us to now. I currently have 4 pieces at the Hive, Gabriola’s commercial gallery and working on two paintings due next month. The last couple days I’ve been struggling with the transition back into artist Steve. It can be hard on me making the shift. My partner Noella is off to Belize for a well earned vacation. For me it means work all night and sleep till noon without the 5AM alarm. To a night person that is a Holiday all by its self.