Among the many things that I give thanks for today is the community that I am so blessed to be now part of. Gabriola is an incredible Island that is home to exceptionally creative people. They are gentle loving souls, extraordinary musicians and open and accepting people that are a joy to be around. So much so they attract like-minded visitors from all over the world.

This is day 2 of our three-day Thanksgiving studio tour and it is my favorite weekend of the year. Over the Thanksgiving weekend I have the profound pleasure of welcoming hundreds of residents and visitors to our home gallery. It leaves me humbled when I realize how blessed I am to be here and to feel the support of my community, my collectors and my family.
I want to acknowledge my son Leland for his photography and videography, my stepdaughter Alisha who made thousands of shortbread cookies and I have no idea how many veggie cups. If you’ve come by the studio Alisha most likely greeted you at the door and answered all of your questions while showing you around our gallery. To Noella my partner I know it’s not easy living with an artist. Noella pulls it off and her support is evident on every level. My models which include my grandchildren my children, their spouses and others.
This is a small but not insignificant portion of what I give thanks for today. That in its self is a reason for me to feel humbled and blessed. I thank you all for being part of my life and I wish you very happy and safe Thanksgiving.